Our Confidence

“We are proud to bring gemstones to the world, where our confidence and trust are engraved.”

Proof of quality is ensured by a robust blockchain that can never be rewritten. We confidently assure our customers of their trust.

30-day return guarantee

While we want you to be satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee on gemstones. We also allow you to take your time and get expert advice before adding a gemstone to your collection.
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All loose gemstones are delivered with a certificate in principle. The authenticity of the gemstone can be confirmed by a certificate issued by a independent gemological laboratory. In addition, our in-house gemologist conducts appraisals in Japan. Certificates and appraisal reports are recorded in the blockchain in a form that cannot be tampered with and constitute the digital twin of gemstones.  

Make your ownership part of jewelry history!

Receive a Digital Gem to pair with your purchased gems by downloading the blockchain-based wallet app. The digital gem is an NFT that capitalizes on the digital twin of gems. You can inscribe your ownership of the gemstone on the Digital Gem, which represents the rich history and multidimensional value of the gemstone, authenticated in the blockchain.

Proof of Origin and Traceability

RURI is building an ethical gem collection where all gems are traceable from the mine. The origin of the gemstones is proven by an unfalsifiable record on the blockchain.The Ethical Gem Collection is an ongoing project working directly with the local gem communities in Sri Lanka to promote fair trade and sustainable development.

Price transparency

We are committed to providing our clients with gemstones at transparent prices. We price our gemstones using publicly available grading software and pricing databases. Customers who purchase gemstones can use the app to view and reference RURI's in-house appraisals.In addition, the Ethical Gems collection adds a 10% fair trade premium to the price of fair trade jewelry to help fund responsible sourcing for gemstones. This premium is distributed to miners and polishers in the country of origin.