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Provenance and Traceability

Provenance and Traceability

We understand today’s consumer are more informed and expect transparency on the value, background and context of their purchase and has greater demands especially for specific information on where and how gemstones they buy are extracted, processed, and traded. If gems with unclear or disguised information on quality and origin are sold at high prices and buying them involves the risk of engaging in illegal trade, money laundering, human rights violations and environmental destruction, a new generation of consumers may be more inclined to choose synthetic gem or even think virtual gem in cyber space is better in the future. If, on the other hand, it is proven that the only natural stone in the world is mined using traditional methods on a small scale in consideration of the environment, cut and polished by hand by artisans in harmony with tradition, experience, and modernization, and delivered to the end consumer through accurate valuation based on gemological expertise and fair trade, the joy of wearing or being given the gem will be greater and more universal.

RURI strives to better understand and influence its supply chain, and properly records and delivers the true value of natural gemstones to consumers and contributes to the social development of the country of origin. RURI guarantees authenticity of the identification certificates issued for each gem by reputable institutions. RURI also guarantees that the gemstones are traded fairly and in compliance with laws and regulations from the country of origin and Japan. Currently, RURI is working with Sri Lankan mines, cutters, etc. to coordinate best practices, due diligence and chain of custody and develops the proprietary collections of ethical gemstones tracked and fair-traded from the mines and consumers.



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