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We want you to be truly delighted with your purchase.While we want you to be satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee on gemstones.



All loose gemstones are delivered with a certificate in principle. The authenticity of the gemstone can be confirmed by a certificate issued by a independent gemological laboratory.



You can carve your ownership of gem into the Digital Gem (NFT) which represents rich history and multidimensional value of the gem with blockchain based authenticity proof.



We are building up RURI Ethical Gems Collection which all gems can be traced from the mine. The provenance will be proved by tamper-evident record in the blockchain.



We are committed to providing our clients with gemstones at transparent prices. We price our gemstones using publicly available grading software and pricing databases.


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”RURI provides the best, if not the only, combination of quality, price and customer service along with traceability and community engagement (5stars)”

I wanted to surprise my wife with a special birthday gift and felt that the retail shops were overpriced and used pressure sale tactics.   

In looking online, I found several sites which sell gemstones but none of them I found provided the additional customer service I was looking for to help me pick the best gems to fit my budget as well as support me in arranging the setting…until I found RURI.   

Everyone at RURI was wonderful, helpful and professional.  They guided/supported me through the entire process.  The price was also the most competitive I could find along with the assurance that I could track the gems to the source and that RURI shares the proceeds with the miners directly, instead of all the mark-ups to the various intermediaries.   

I highly recommend RURI and have been extremely pleased with the overall experience.  My wife was also elated with the quality of the gems and setting.  Thanks to the RURI team! 

G.K – Japan
April 2024