About Gemstones and Sri Lankan Craftsmanship

About Collection

From a generational Gem collector and Jeweller

We are bringing to you some selected cut stones from the Ruby Clement's collection. His collection is a vast collection of authentic Sri Lankan gems, some of which date back to the mid-19thcentury.

Focus on Sri Lankan Gems

Sri Lanka is famous for her sapphires, rubies and many other types of gems. A beautiful 423-carat Logan Sapphire, cut from a crystal mined in Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest faceted blue sapphires on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Sapphires from Ceylon (Old name of Sri Lanka) are usually light to medium blue in colour. Princess Diana’s engagement ring showed off a 12-carat oval sapphire from Sri Lanka. That sapphire’s colour was “royal blue colour of Ceylon”.

About Partner Jewelers

Ruby Clement Jayawardene

Ruby Clement Jayawardene is the fourth-generation owner and proprietor of Ruby Jewellers, an age-old gem and jewellery business in Colombo. Ruby Clement comes from a family of mine owners, gem collectors and Jewellers. Ruby’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all respected gem merchants in Rathnapura, Balangoda and Colombo. Rathnapura, meaning the “city of gems” and Balangoda are home to a vast majority of gem mines in Sri Lanka. Having his jewellery business established in Colombo, Ruby Clement sources most his gems from Rathnapura and Balangoda regions.

Sourcing from Mines, Grinders and Cutters

By always selecting high-value gemstones from mines, polishers, and cutters, we can learn where the gemstone was mined, who mined it, where it was cut, and much more about the stone and each gemstone is carefully cut by his in-house cutters. 

“Our Mission”

In this way, we record and disclose as much detail as possible about where rough stones are mined and how they are transformed into gemstones, details that are not readily disclosed by other companies.

Ruby Clement Private Collection