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Ultimate Real Gemstone We Offer

Ultimate Real Gemstone We Offer

Gemstones are born in the depths of the earth and are given dignity by our sensitivity, awareness, and intelligence. RURI aims to offer gemstones to be owned, worn, and given to significant others in the sincerest condition. GEMini™ was created in pursuit of the reality and individuality of gemstones to allow people to experience the "true" value of "good" and "beautiful" gemstone. GEMini is a twin jewel composed of unique natural gem such as ethical gem sourced responsibly in a sustainable and socially conscious way and its paired digital gem which represents quality and social and ethical background.



GEMini Collections: Proof of true value from private collections and mines in Sri Lanka.


2023 GEMini +RT edition

In 2023, RURI will deliver GEMini in the package of ®+RT (®Cross Reality Token) that capitalizes the digital twin of the gem on the blockchain.

+RT is a registered trademark of Tracified Technologies, a company that makes Digital Twin NFT of a product consisting of traceability and other information recorded and certified on the blockchain. In the future, Gem+RTs will be available as avatar gems in the virtual space.


Digital Twin of GEMini ®+RT Edition

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