We Takes Responsibility as a "Custodian" of the Treasures Given to Us by the Earth.

RURI is the responsible brand of natural color stone and jewelry sustainably produced and traded. We believe it’s not enough to claim that products are good and sustainable for our customers, our communities, and the environment: brands need to prove it. That means going beyond business-as-usual and engaging with suppliers across the border to ensure responsible standards are being met and disclose to customers with proof. We aim to reveal the intrinsic value of gemstones and deliver high quality jewelries to consumers worldwide at affordable and transparent way. We sell directly to customers. No middlemen needed, so you receive the highest quality at a fair price.

RURI promotes to build sustainable supply chain of precious gems in the world's leading gem-producing countries, primarily Sri Lanka. We are enthusiastic to collaborate with not only participants of supply chain including miners, cutters, and dealers but also certificate lab, government, and IT leader such as Tracified in the country. While maintaining the utmost respect for traditions, culture, and community of Sri Lanka, we are also keen to implement innovation and advanced technologies to strengthen trust in the supply chain. DX and blockchain technologies powers traceability of the supply chain and enables RURI to be the highly transparent and accountable source of jewelries and improve customers’ experience and satisfaction to own natural gemstone with ethical stories.

RURI was established in Japan in 2021 and headquartered in Ginza, upmarket fashion district in Tokyo. Natural loose gem originated in Sri Lanka is hand-crafted to special jewelry by artisan in Japan to customers’ order. RURI will work with recognized designers in Tokyo and around the world to enhance fascination of jewelries and will also assist the next generation talents to launch new brands by responsible sourcing of high quality and ethical gemstones.

About Us

Our Team

Asashi Fujimori
- Managing Director

Asashi was awakened to Mother Nature in the summer of his 20th year through unusual experiences in Brooks Range in the Arctic Circle Alaska. Since then, he has been in for an adventure in much of the wilderness on the earth such as Patagonia, Papua New Guinea etc. He likes adventures in life, even in business. He has 30 years of experience in investment, incubation, business management and community development. In 2019, he visited Sri Lanka to identify startups and talented entrepreneurs with future potential. Serendipity, old name of Sri Lanka, is capability of finding valuable things by chance, good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries thorough sustained effort and challenge. For him, serendipity was the first encounter with the world of natural gemstones created by the ancient earth and minted and cut by sustainable community and led to the idea of RURI.

President of 360ip Japan (2012-), Representative Director of Tracified Technologies (2020-), Development Bank of Japan (1990-2010), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (1995-1996), Yokohama National University (1986-1990)
Suresh Hettiatachchi
- PhD, Supply Chain Director

Our Director of Supply Chain and Logistics is Suresh Hettiarachchi. He was fascinated by the Geology of Gems and precious minerals since his childhood. Born in Sri Lanka, the world famous island for high-valued gems, he has been interested in learning the science and geological history of precious stones since his early childhood, sometimes with the help from some of his relatives who work in the gem industry. Even at the age of twelve, Suresh could easily identify many types of gemstones at first glance. In fact, “gems” is one of his pastimes now, while his main expertise is in science & technology innovation, R&D and international technology investments. With international experience in technology development, scientific research, investments and commercialization, Suresh brings valuable contributions from the technology realm as well as the local knowledge of the gem industry to RURI’s eco-system. Suresh plays a pivotal role in RURI’s business in Japan, managing the supply chain from mine to store using some of the state-of-the-art supply chain traceability technologies available to RURI. Suresh’s objective within RURI is to transparently source authentic, high-quality, ethical and traceable gems for RURI, in order to offer exceptional value to RURI’s customers, while creating significant value for the upstream participants like Miners, Grinders, Cutters etc. His endeavors and efforts are positioned to help a valuable national industry of Sri Lanka as well as the “gem and jewellery industry” of Japan which is a significant business sector in the Japanese economy. Suresh has an academic and professional background in artificial intelligence, robotics and digital transformation, and he has served in organizations in Japan, Australia and Sri Lanka including a tenure as the Executive Director at a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed corporation. He also advises a number of advanced science and technology ventures in Japan and the APAC region. Suresh did his Doctoral and Master's degree studies at the University of Tokyo and has Bachelor's degrees from the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Colombo. Suresh is a past pupil of Royal College, Colombo.

Hitomi Miyazaki
- Brand Director, Designer

Hitomi has always been curious from an early age, and even as an adult she has traveled alone to see new worlds. The sounds and scents of the countries she travels to, the architecture and art, and all the designs that abound in the cities are the source of her daily design ideas. She is not only a jewelry designer, but has also worked extensively in the design industry, from brand launches to web and graphic design, and most of all, she loves to make people happy.
The main reason why she decided to become a jewelry designer is because she can make people shine with her designs.
Then he met RURI and became the brand director, convinced that there was no better opportunity to share RURI's philosophy and put all of her design experience into it.
She is passionate about the revolution that the twin gems GEMini is bringing to the jewelry industry, and RURI's vision of the finest original gemstones and custom-made jewelry services, and our desire to convey real and honest value.
Yuichi Kato
- Director of Social Impact

Yuichi has researched business that pursue both economic value and social value in business school. Then, he has been involved in business development at a consulting firm as a consultant for new business development utilizing technology. He has felt that society is changing. He believes that companies of the future will not only have to pursue economic profit, but also create social impact, so that both the company and society can prosper more.
There are many supply chains involved in the jewelry business. All of them should be able to benefit equally. Through RURI's business, he aims to create a new form of capitalism.

Yuka Naito
- Gem-A FGA, DGA, GIA GD, Chief Gemologist

Yuka has worked in high-end jewelry business. She has extensive experience in photomicrography (photography using a microscope) of untreated gemstones. She has also been teaching gemology with a desire to convey the beauty and rarity of natural gemstones. Currently, she teaches classes on identification and the value of gemstones at the Japan Jewelry Craft Institute. She believes that RURI's business powered by the blockchain solution proving the traceability of gemstones is very important in communicating the real value of the gemstones and encouraging progress in the jewelry industry.

International Christian University, Tokyo (1988-1992)

Tristan Takashi Taaffe
- GIA GG, Gemologist

Tristan was a type of kid who picked up unusual looking stones at the park and collected them at home. He was fascinated by the fact that such beautiful stones are created by nature. As he grew older, his interest towards stones had shifted to other things like football, tv game, and other things like an ordinary boy. When he graduated out of high school, he went backpacking through Europe. During the time he was in the Italian city of Firenze, saw a beautifully hand-crafted jewelry. Since then, he’s interest gravitated back towards the beauty of stones and to jewelry. Few years later, he started studying at the Gemological Institute of America to pursue his interest. Now he wishes to share the beautiful gemstones created by the Sri Lankan nature through RURI.

GIA GG (2002), Sophia University, Tokyo (2000-2001), Fordham University, NY (1999)