As Elizabeth Taylor said about jewelry, "We are all temporary custodians of beauty", We are also "Custodians of beauty", helping to connect the customer with the jewelry.

Encountering a gemstone is a moment when the spotlight shines on your life.It can be as dramatic as falling in love.

And if you have met the jewel of your destiny, We hope you will make it into your own jewelry and wear it.

When you feel a little sad, "When I was feeling a little sad, I looked down at my fingertip and saw a shining jewel pushing me back up."

"A necklace made of gemstones in her favorite color still shines on her chest, decades later, without fading. And she sits next to me with the same smile she had then."

We create jewelry that gently accompanies you and your loved one in the drama of your life.



RURI BESPOKE is a custom-made service.
Select your gemstone from our wide range of carefully selected precious stones mined in Sri Lanka for generations. The stones are delivered to you with their stories.

If you are unsure of what you desire, contact us anytime and our experts will help you make your "wish" come true.

Our full custom-made jewelry includes rings, necklaces, and other items. Cute designs, cool men's jewelry, whatever your taste, our designers will help you create your unique piece of jewelry.
Please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form for consultation.




If you like to spend as much time as you want in creating your piece of jewelry in the comfort of your own place, we offer that experience.
RURI "ONLINE" BESPOKE is a semi-custom made service.
To create your jewelry, you can choose from our variety of settings.


Step1. Choose Your Gemstone

We offer premium gemstones that have been carefully selected by jewelry designers themselves and rigorously checked by gemologists.
We do not believe that only the best gemstones are pure and well-shaped. The charm of gemstones lies in the story of how they were created and formed, and the love you feel for them.
Whether it is love at first sight or careful consideration, you are sure to find a gem that will make you shine.

At RURI, we are proud to present our collection of gemstones.
Each gemstone comes with a free digital gemstone composed of NFT, which is a record of the journey of each gemstone.
The NFT gems can be viewed at any time on your device.

You have selected your favorite gemstone, add it to your cart.



Step2. Choose Your... 

・Design(Line up)
・Right Ring Size(Any finger)

Once you have selected your favorite gemstone, the next step is to choose a ring design for the setting.
You can choose from gold, platinum, and various colors of precious metals.
From the product page of the design you prefer, select your desired ring size and material, and add it to your cart.



Step3. Checkout both

Design x 1 and Jewelry x 1.
If you place these two items in the cart and make payment at the same time, we will deliver them as one piece of jewelry in about 6 weeks from the date of your order.
After completing your order, you will receive an email with the date and other details.

Go on a jewelry journey